Andrew Ilaender Owner/President
Adam Heath Owner
Scott Oliver Owner
Blaine Hallman Director of Hockey Operations
Derek Bedard GM/Governor
Dave Griffith Assistant GM
Brent Hughes Head Coach
Mike Legg Assistant Coach
Martin Hak Assistant Coach
Daryl Tumber Assistant Coach
Bobby Vermette Assistant Coach
Alex Smith Assistant Coach
Carolyn Gosling Operations Coordinator
Zach Station Hockey Operations Consultant
Trisha Hubbard Team Bookkeeper
Wayne Bess Game Day Operations
Sean Johnson Athletic Trainer
Donna Perry Sport Science Advisor
Cole Welsh Equipment Manager
DJ Vito Game Announcer & DJ
Rick Garrison Telecast Director/Producer
Bill Taylor Telecast Support Technician
Andrew Cheverie Telecast Host and Play by Play Commentator
Sydney Ilaender Team Photographer
Dr. Lorelei Zacharias Consultant Chiropractor